Have features been removed from Sketchup Free Web in the past 2 weeks?

Hi Folks,

Have the set of features changed over the past 2-3 weeks for the Skektchup for Web? Outliner, Solid Tools (Union, Subtract, Trim, Intersect & Split) and Solid Inspector are paid-only features now :frowning:

It has been a couple of months since I’ve embarked onto the journey of learning this great app and I feel that I am starting to get it… Alas, removing the Outliner & solid tools hinders us (hobbyists) to create simple (3d printing) prototypes.

I will continue on my Sketchup quest but will have to start branching out onto other apps in case that more features get removed.


Those have always been features included in Shop (the paid version) and not SketchUp Free but perhaps you were working in the free Shop trial period and that has ended.

You can do your modeling without Outliner and the Solid Tools or you can subscribe to SketchUp Shop.

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I’m sure it’s what Dave said. I looked, and you did have the 30 day trial that ended on Jan 19th. You would have been seeing more features before that.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply @colin & @DaveR! That makes lots of sense and most importantly, makes me want to keep learning more SketchUp :slight_smile:


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