Outliner no longer available in Sketchup Shop

I’ve lost access to Outliner in Sketchup Shop as of today. I’ve tried a couple of machines without success. Instead I get a prompt to upgrade my account. Has anyone else been affected?

Doesn’t seem right to have functionality taken away on an existing subscription.

I’m seeing the same thing, it appears we are running the free web version as the Watermark and Upgrade image has reappeared.
I suspect there is some sort of server error or log in issue.

Same for me!!! What the heck? I was in the middle of a project, on a valid sketchup “shop” subscription. Taking away functions on a current subscription is a really bad business practice. I just canceled my auto renewal. I will not do business with a company that does stuff like that.

Things break sometimes, they haven’t removed Outliner, obviously there is a fault in the system somewhere.

I’ve tried the usual trick of clearing the browser history with no change. Let’s see what the following days bring. Glad I’m not alone!

Just tried it again. It works now. Post up if it works for you as well.

Yep, working again for me too, so does this mean you need to change your user name.

Working again here now, cheers.

I see there was an entitlements issue today, hopefully that is fixed now:

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