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Good evening all,

I just started the 31 day trial of SketchUp Pro 2020 and have installed the desktop app. However, Outliner does not appear to exist for me. It’s not available anywhere that I can find. Any thoughts?

Look in Window>Default Tray. Select Outliner there.

Make sure you installed SketchUp correctly while you’re at it. Quit out of it if you have it open, find the downloaded installer (Downloads folder probably), right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then when the options appear, click on Repair.

Please also update your profile since you aren’t using the free web version.

Thanks Dave. Repairing did the trick.

Hello Dave,
I have the same problem with the Sketchup Pro 2020 trial version, no Outliner window. I tried to follow the instructions you gave but it didn’t work. The Outliner window is still missing after the Repair. Any other idea how I can fix this ?

What do you see in Window>Default Tray? Is Outliner checked?

Screenshot - 8_7_2020 , 11_28_42 AM

Oh there it is! Sorry, I was following a tutorial that showed the Outliner directly in the Window menu, so I haven’t checked the Default Tray … sorry, my bad. All good now, thanks a lot!

@cristina.lerch were you following an article from help.sketchup.com, if so… could you send me a link? I want to make sure that’s not out of date. (c:

Glad you got it sorted.

Could be you were looking at a tutorial that was done on Mac or some ancient tutorial from before the tray was introduced in the Windows version.

I’m using a Windows tutorial, but it is probably a bit old and the tray was not there yet.
Thanks a lot for your help again!

Jody no, I am following a tutorial from Master Sketchup.com. It’s probably a bit too old…

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