Where is the outliner in Sketchup Free?


New user here. I am following video tutorials that show the outliner window but I cannot find it in Sketchup Free. Anyone know how I can access it? Thank you.

There is no outliner window in SketchUp Free (unless I can’t find it either). It is a work in progress and something that could well be added in the future.

Which tutorial were you following? You might have been watching a tutorial for the old SketchUp Make which was a free application you can install on your computer rather than run in a web browser like SketchUp Free. SketchUp Make 2017 is still available if you want.

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Ok, thanks. I’ll try out Sketchup Make. Seems like the outliner is a necessity for anything but the most simple models.

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I can’t seem to find a free desktop version. I downloaded Sketchup Make 2017 but it is a 30 day trial.

You’ve found it. You have a 30 day trial of the Pro version, after which it will revert to the free Make version.


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