Outliner in Web - NOT a complaint, just an observation

I just watched Aaron demonstrating the way he uses outliner and thought I’d try it out in web free version - no joy as it’s a subscription add in.
Back to 2017 make then.

It’s appalling isn’t it that they don’t give away everything for free.

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I’m hoping this is a tongue in cheek comment/Australian sense of humour as I was just checking out what’s available for me as a woodworker who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles in the high end subscription versions of SU for my simple needs. The outliner presentation was very insightful and since there was a free upgrade to web free in line with the the rest of the high end versions I thought it might be available as I’ve only ever taken no more than a passing glance at outliner before.
Following Aaron’s presentation I tried it out and It works well in 2017 make so I can use the way shown with a few more limitations but since I have access to web free I tried it but it wasn’t there, hence my statement “Back to 2017 make then”. The other comment was no more than a statement of fact and not a complaint.
I enjoy your comments and assistance to other queries and hope to continue gaining benefit from your insights and responses in the future.

Regards and keep safe.

There’s been so much complaining going on in the forum lately that I have all but given up posting. To start a thread like this just reads as yet another complaint, ‘They don’t even let you use the outliner in the FREE web version so I’ll have to resort to the FREE desktop version!’
You may not have meant that but that is how I read it.

So yes, my comment was tongue in cheek, but with a slightly pointed tongue.

For those saying I don't need to read it

Many people say you don’t need to read the threads if you don’t like the content. That is the sort of thinking that leads to Facebook Algorithms that feed you only what you want to hear. Hence the rise in people believing nonsense on the internet.
I prefer to read everything and make up my own mind.


Nice reading, this thread, with all its “tongue in cheek” nuances in posts

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