Was the "Outliner" and "Solid Inspector" removed from "Sketchup for Web"?

I’ve been using Sketchup for Web for about a month now while learning. I’ve been using the “Outliner” feature to view & hide components. Today I went to use the product and “Outliner” now displays: “WE LIKE THE WAY YOUR BRAIN WORKS” with an UPGRADE button. The “Solid Inspector” displays: “CAN WE DO YOU A SOLID” also with the UPGRADE button.

Have these features been removed from the free Sketchup for Web product?

They’ve never been included in SketchUp Free.

That ought to be a clue. Sounds like your free 30-day trial of SketchUp Shop has finally expired. At that point you no longer have access to those features that are included in SketchUp Shop but not SketchUp Free.

Thanks DaveR for the info. That’s a real bummer. I’m an old retired guy trying to learn something new to help plan/design a couple woodworking projects. I wish that functionality was not available from the start because I got so used to using it. Oh well… as they say… you get what you pay for. Again, a real bummer. Thanks again.

Neither of those things should prevent you from modeling your woodworking projects. You can still access your components in the model space and you can at least tell if they are solids by looking at Entity Info. Fixing them shouldn’t be too difficult. Look for stray edges, holes in surfaces, and internal faces.

Alternatively you could still use SketchUp 2017 Make which is free for your hobbyist use and includes Outliner. You could install the Solid Inspector extension in that version as well.

Thanks for the recommendations. Sounds like good solutions.