Direct Action Taken but more HELP Required! .


Hi y’all . . .

I got the free trial version of SU Pro and quickly concluded I have not been using components/layers/scenes in the free SU as I should have, so I have been practicing incorporating them over the last 2 weeks and the process makes much more sense now - although I need lots more practice.

I have created scenes in SU Pro sent them to Layout and exported Layout’s png/jpegs files to my website where I have an image displayed - Yeeehhaaa (sorry Texas talk) - again much more to do of course.

So I want to thank y’all for helping me get over those initial hurdles. A successful outcome is at least on the horizon.

Dave R . . . Your excellent portfolios incorporate many styles I would like to emulate but this is an area where I have NO desire to re-invent the wheel - is there a way to find your/anyone’s particular style’s settings - good whiskey for favorable responses should be anticipated!!! Sketches that look like sketches, technical drawings that look like technical drawings and images that look enough like the real thing is all I want!!! Once achieved I will not change them very much.

One strange stumbling block . . . SU Pro’s wood images are very poor fodder for furniture makers. Is there a directory of 10’ long planks of various widths of all the usual species furniture makes use that we can apply? Dave R - in DCB you imported images from a file you had acquired but I have not found anything like them in my searches.

Once again, my gratitude for your generous support-I am no blogger so I am duplicating this reply in the original blog as well - hope it works




This will probably get me kicked out of the good whiskey anticipation club. But, I’m going to say it anyways— and I believe in it so much that I’ll celebrate my overly opinionated comment with bold formatting.

I’d be REALLY Cautious about Cheating yourself out of the opportunity to create and develop your own SketchUp StylesEspecially for Styles which ultimately reflect upon, and go to present your own sensibilities of design.

It’s not that hard, or time consuming to track down interesting textures, and backgrounds, which you can combine with a wide assortment of line styles—be it the preexisting default options, or whats available to you if you were to draw your own line examples using the Style Builder program.

A weekend of experimentation here will go a long ways in terms of freedoms gained for having learned how to finesse the relatively small assortment of settings which are available in SU.

Quick Experiments:

Try Loading some of the following images into the Watermark section of the Styles settings:

  • Paper textures: (which in themselves have a massive range of available options)

    • Linen, Rag, Cloth, Cardboard, Japanese, Hand Made….

      Include paper effect here too….
      paper aged, crumpled up, stained, burned, spill your whiskey on it.

  • Atmospheric Effects:

    • Fog, Smog, Smoke, Haze….
    • Sky, Clouds….
  • Texture Effects:

    • Concrete, Rusted Metal Siding.
    • Fabrics
    • Chalkboards
  • Field Patterns: Leaves, Foliage, Grass….

Any and all of these can also be combined together to get interesting effects.

Layering even the same texture onto itself is useful…. since one can be rotated or inverted to any degree. and subtle cross hatching patterns can emerge between the two.


Image opacity rarely need to be at 100%.

… And the subtle dissolve between Background and Foreground alone will typically make the entire effect.

Generally, all of these images don’t read as what they really are once you start to back off on the opacity settings. The best Style effects typically are subtle hints with a fairly even and consistent pattern… though not necessarily a recognizable one… in terms of it’s original image value.

To the above Watermark options:

Drag in some the sketchy edge settings from one of the SketchUp default styles:

Choose the MIX tab.

and from the Styles options below (Straight Lines, and Sketchy Edges), drag/drop a styles icon onto the EDGE Settings Bar of the style you are editing/creating.

Doing that will automatically import the line settings from another Style without having to inherit all of the other style elements you may not want to have.


Jock maybe we can chat next week after I get home from my trip.

Thanks for the compliments.



Hi JimD,

Despite your contrarian advice I will happily buy you a dram whenever we meet.

I know you are probably right and so I am going to follow your advice over this weekend. I will start with default styles and your suggestions and modify them into my own styles as I look for the images & styles to show off my ideas.

The real issue behind all this is I resent investing the time taken up by these indirect digital activities. Over the last 30 yrs I have wasted more time and $$$ in computer never-never land than I can bear to contemplate and now I find I have to do it all over again to create the real world practical business I want to develop. There I feel a little better now!

I will let you know how I get on - thank you so much for your comments - I value them greatly.



Look forward to it



Looking thro your online material I can only hope you are away sailing in your Catalina 27. I sailed the Catalina 25 & 27 for 8 -10 years with my owner buddy - great fun! Lost the 27 to a hurricane! He put the insurance check into a SUV - not a good choice!!

I am away from my desk on Wednesday afternoon but around at any other time. Hope we can speak soon.



Right now I’m over Greenland at flight level 36 heading for Minneapolis.

Sadly, I sold the C27 a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll probably get in touch with you tomorrow.