SketchUp is starting to make me money


This is maybe not so much a showcase of my work, but more a thank you to Trimble for providing the tools and you folk here for the advice for making it possible for someone like myself to put this software use and help realise my dream.

This morning I had my first proper presentation to a client as an interior designer. With a resounding yes from them and surprisingly delighted at my bold colour choice. To say the least, I’m chuffed!

I’ve got someway to go yet but today has made my efforts feel totally worth it.

The future is bright!


Which rendering engine did you use? I also see it is a TRIAL version, now that you got the job using output from trialed software, i assume you will be buying a license for the software? :wink:


Gorgeous! And congrats on the sale!


SU Podium


Thank you.

Yes, it’s SU Podium. Its likely I will take up a licence at the end of my trial. It’s simple to use and easily affordable. It does however lack some tools I’d like to use as my skills grow but it is serving me well so far as I’ve got another job from it today. :wink:


Awesome work, Scott! Nothin I love more than seeing the incredible work people create with SketchUp!