Beginner Render Program Extension for Sketchup


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I am almost finished my design thanks to the replies from users on this forum.

My question is what is the best and easiest Rendering program to use for Sketchup as a beginner? I have used Twilight Render before, however that was many years ago and as we all know software changes happen so often. Twilight was quite well please but found some difficulties with it.

Any software which would be easy to use for simple processes will be greatly appreciated.

Also to add this was the render I made for a ring almost 4 years ago(I think)

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This has been asked just too many times.

See search results:


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Apologies, new to this all!



No problem.

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A number of Rendering Extensions had added sample renderings of the same model here:

Here is one from Lumion


Thank you Albert,

I want a more realistic presentation for my product, but I will definitely give it a go ! :slight_smile:


I wasn’t recommending Lumion - there are 5 or 6 models up there and several renderings of each. Some by the developers and some by users.


here it is.


Thank you sketch3d_de. I am going to make the assumption you are from Germany?


I’ve used a few different rendering engines (Vray, Kerkythea, RenderIn and Podium) and I have had the most success with Podium in terms of final product and ease of use but to be completely honest the most important program when it comes to producing quality renderings is Photoshop.


Thank you for the input, just got vRay and getting Twilight now. So will try these out first. As they both through research have some good reviews :slight_smile:



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Still learning!.

I’m moving to Berlin in September this year :slight_smile: