What do you use for rendering?


Hey Guys, what do you guys use for rendering?
(I’m currently using/learning podium)
What made you choose what you use?

I mostly use it for House interior and exterior drawings.

** Has anyone tried using adobe dimension? **

8 simple Steps to better VRAY renderings

Twilight Render V2


I like Kerkythea.


Why did you choose Render V2?


Hello again :slight_smile:
Why did you choose Kerkythea?


I’ve been using it for years. It’s very powerful stand alone renderer and I don’t want a rendering app that runs as an extension in SketchUp. With a separate application I can let it chug away on the rendering while I continue working in SketchUp.


I’m curious to try it, where can I download it and what does it cost?


You can get it here. It’s available at no charge. You can find examples here including some of mine. Here’s a couple by a friend that I’d forgotten about.

And here.



That’s a recent change. I downloaded and installed it about a month ago on one of my new laptops.

That’s a bummer because it’s a pretty easy renderer to learn to use and really quite powerful.

Thea is even more powerful but it’s the commercial big brother to Kerkythea.


I used to use Kerkythea, but it was really difficult to learn for me and it wasn’t compatible with my operating system upgrade. Then I downloaded Twilight Render V2. It’s a ton easier to learn. And I prefer using a rendering extension because then I only have to use one program instead of two.


What does it cost?
What kind of projects do you use it for? Architectural?


I use VRAY v3.6 by Chaos Group. Version 2 which was out for a long time had a weird interface and not very intuitive. The latest version fixed that and included some really great features such as: Infinite plane, Fur (for grass or carpets, etc), Clipper (which allows for section or masked out areas), materials library, proxy export and import, Interactive rendering (ie real time), etc, etc.

The main reasons I use it is A. Mac and PC compatible, B. it’s available with other modeling software (like Rhino, 3DS Max and Unreal Engine) if, heaven forbid, i ever switch from SketchUp, and C.It produces the highest quality result (which may be more work that I’m willing to put in to get that result but good to know that I can advance with the software over time).

Here’s a somewhat recent view using SU and VRAY with minimal edits in Photoshop:


I use it for all kinds of projects. You can Google the cost. It’s on Twilight Render’s website. I use the free hobby version. There’s a paid version with extra features too.



Twinmotion 2016


How about “BRIGHTER 3D” for a Free/Inexpensive “Instant Architect” Low-End Rendering Engine?


Any Reviews on B3D?



I have Maxwell for SketchUp but I have been using SimLab Composer 9 for a while. At $200 USD is was a bargain to me.


I think there are recently introduced errors in the website programming. I see several warnings about PHP when I visit any of the Kerkythea pages.


I noticed that, too. Maybe errors related to the cookie warnings?