My.sketchup - why?

Ive just joined the beta trial group and managed to launche it in Firefox, it crashed in IE

My first impressions - WHY?

you know the old adage, if it aint broke dont fix it

I can understand the need for a cut price limited feature version for students etc. But the whole screen work place has been changed
FFS why, all the little tool tabs that you selected in view/toolbar gone.

now waste pointless time trying to get back to the original SU use - Duh NO

Can anyone suggest why I should persevere, Ive been a loyal supporte since SU4


If it’s of no interest to you, move on. Others have different opinions on how it can and will be used.

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Not helpful, bad attitude

I was looking for some logical explanation

I thought it might be useful to open existing drawings on a tablet. It actually worked in Chrome on my Nexus…despite the hokey warning that it wasn’t designed for them thar new-fangled, multi-touch devices.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how it can be beneficial to many users. There are thousands of computers in the facility where I work. I can walk up to any one of them, log into My.sketchup and access SketchUp models to show colleagues. I can make changes to the model anywhere, too. I don’t need to bring my computer and set it up to access SketchUp.

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I’m sorry you feel my post showed a bad attitude, it was in response to your attitude of why should I waste my time etc.
Considering you have very recently moved from SU6 to SU16 I figured my.sketchup would be a step too far.

Well I’m working on a PC not a mobile tablet. I thought there was a free skp viewer availble which could be run from a thumb drive?

Is my.sketchup intended to be a cloud app then? so you keep all your data on web storage?

be it so , I still dont understand why Trimble decided to mess with su tried and trusted work space format



There is a viewer available from the Downloads page. It needs to be installed on the computer, however.

My.SketchUp is not intended to replace desktop SketchUp. It’s an additional product. There are many users who do not just sit at one computer and this will appeal to them. It’ll also be a lighter application than desktop SketchUp and because it runs in the Internet browser, those lightweight little computers that are so popular will be able to run it.

Trimble is providing cloud storage for users which makes it possible to access files from anywhere and for multiple users to work on the same file.

It sounds to me as if you’ve already got it figured out that you don’t need My.SketchUp so you might as well give it a pass.

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Maybe some of these topics are answered with it too…

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Yes. And it will benefit schools that are switching to Chromebooks.

You can, Or you can download to your machine.

When in doubt, look to the bridge…