Where to find 'outliner' in SU Free?

Today my SU Make suddenly (after a ‘splash’ and a restart) become very, very slow and I tried out the web version. But I’m not able to find the ‘outliner’ information. Anyone know where to find it/ how to enable it?

Outliner isn’t currently available in SU Free.

Obs! So when I am hiding a group it’s impossible to “find” it again?

You could enable show hidden objects.

No. Turn on Hidden Objects and you’ll be able to find it again.

Thanks! :slight_smile: So there are no possibility to give name to a group, for instance “drawer”? I would like to give some information about a specific group such as 2"4"and so on…

Make it a component and then give that a name and description.

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OK, i find it easy in SU Make, but in SU Free I can’tfigure out how to name it. I guess that’s what is called “outliner” in SU Make. I’m not able to figure out how to name it in SU Free. How do you do it?

Name what?

How to give a group a description. It’s easy in SU Make, but in the free web version I don’t see how this is done.

As I said, make it a component instead of a group and fill in the information.

Thanks! I have only “done groups” :slight_smile:

You’ve been missing out on a lot then.

Sure, thanks anyway.(My status in learning SU is currently “L” :slight_smile:

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