Outliner in SU 2020


New ability to control hidden objects with outliner is very nice feature but there is problem now if you have to organize large IFC models with thousands of objects.

In SU 2019 I used VICO IFC extension to send IFC objects in correctly named layers, but usually there are “creative” modelers who does walls as beams etc. So I used to hide layers to keep SketchUp not freezing when I was sorting objects to their right layers with outliner.

So the problem now is that outliner is trying show all the objects in the model so it is pretty heavy for SU to handle for example my current project which includes about 15 000 components.

Please could you add some feature to select if outliner shows objects that are in hidden tag (layer) so I don’t have to keep jump between 2019 and 2020 versions.

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There is a bit of a workaround for that. You can add groups and components into other groups and open and close the Tree as necessary. The nested groups can still be assigned different tags.

Yes, but think about organizing +15k components by selecting them from “model space”.
I use outliner as auto hidden tray and now with this model I’m working with it takes about 20 seconds to open outliner and same 10-20 second goes if i try to scroll it or do anything else.

With SU-19 version outliner didn’t show stuff in hidden layers so it worked really nicely.

Yes I understand the issue, I said a workaround.
Not a bad one either if can structure your model in that way. Obviously it depends on what you are working with, but organising everything much like the file tree in windows has it’s benefits.

If I do model I have organised it with grouping ( or making components), naming them and set them in layers like => M0=Building => M1=BuildingStorey(s) => M2=Combined structures like (M2_Concrete Walls, M2_Wooden Structure Walls, … etc. ) => M3_Load Bearing structures (Concrete wall element etc…, and these are grouped into M2-groups) => M4 ,M5 etc are other structures that i group in M2-groups.

So in that kind of “cases” i really don’t need outliner. But as I mentioned if I receive badly organised IFC model as a reference to use, I have used outliner to make it more reasonable and “SketchUp friendly” so I can really use it in SketchUp.

So from my opinion there should just be simple box to check if outliner show objects in hidden layers (now tags) or don’t show them. :thinking:

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Another issue with Outliner is that it really slows SU down. While orbitting SU becomes een bit choppy with the Outliner window open…very very annoying.

Are you talking about Outliner Pre 2020 because it was very problematic but has been updated in the new 2020 version.


Would the use of the Filter feature in the Outliner help in any way? My thinking is to enter a specific string value that you need to work with. This would remove all other elements in the tree.



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A filter option that can exclude would be useful. Exclude hidden, exclude groups, exclude section planes etc


Filter feature could sort unwanted objects out but if I empty text box it will bring back all the objects and again I have to waste overall a lot of time from my work to wait for Outliner to load all the objects so it is faster and easier that I open model in SU2019 and organise it in there and then continue my work with SU2020.

So some sort of filter option like Box suggested would be great and more efficient way to use Outliner with large and badly organised models.

FYI… I have added the option to “Hide Hidden Tags” to a feature enhancement list.


How about hide *

Great thanks :+1:
Hopefully we could see some improvements before 2021 version

Re: filters. Would a minus sign preceding a term denote filter out, and no sign or a plus denote filter everything but the term ?

Filter feature would be huge benifit… yes do it … eg the selection plugin (by TomTom?) I use constantly… an example of how filtering speeds up workflow

I’m sorry. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to make that ridiculous outliner worse. Can someone at SU team please explain the end game here.

The use of filters can be expanded to different kind of tags, too.
eg. Classifications, ADvanCed-attributes or Tags.
@IFCbeam’ would show all beams.
‘#Owner=“Jack”’ would display all objects that are owned by Jack.
‘&Level1’ would display all object on Tag ‘Level1’

And have the option to ‘Show only’ or ‘Show anything else’

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This feature was/is crucial in my workflow, and the lack of it puts SketchUp 2020 out of the game for me. Dealing with big files without the ability to control visibility in the outliner is a nightmare. I just can’t understand why would you change that? What are the benefits compared to the previous behavior?

Interesting. That feature always frustrated me. I like the new outliner design because I can see my whole model structure regardless of what object is open.