Outliner in SU 2020

In my workflow, the way now Outliner working is really a nightmare.

I would like to give Outliner a try but …

  • normally there are hundreds maybe thousands of objects (groups and components) in my single file, so I have to scroll down and down and down to search for one object, which slow down my work quite a lot.

  • I know I can group objects, but in this case I have to double click in the main window say 5 or 6 times to reach a single object.

  • and to make my object’s organized, renaming objects is a good idea, but I’ve got thousands of them …

I wish I can group objects in Outliner but NOT in the main modeling window. Grouping in Outliner is just a method of organizing in Outliner only.

Or better a real tagging system, meaning that I can apply multiple tags to a single object, not like the tag (previous ‘layer’) now in SU2020.

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Hi @ChrisDizon Chris,

Take a look at the images below.
On a daylong usage basis, which one do you think will cause less eyestrain.

I’m curious why adding the eyes in 2020 necessitated creating such visual clutter.
• Omitting the dotted paths makes it hard to follow.
• Especially when the sub-components are out of column as they are.

Kindly add those items to the feature enhancement list.

2019 Outliner

2020 Outliner



… done

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