Outliner playing havoc!

Outliner in SU Pro 2018 is an absolute nightmare@!!!

This is not fun anymore. Working along nicely, grouping, making components, sorting the outliner properly, when out of the blue items DISAPPEAR from the screen

to continue …

when they disappear, they are nowhere to be found. Then out of the blue they appear as greyed out but if you want to unhide, it says ‘Hide’. There are serious gremlins and I would appreciate if anyone can let me know how to select hidden items in the Outliner so that I can unhide the groups and components.

As I said, working with SU Pro 2018 is not fun anymore. Nobody has responded to why the red axis right arrow does not work like before anymore.

Feeling very frustrated

Can you share a file that shows the problem you’re having?

Right arrow key to constrain to red x-axis is still working here on SU2018. What problem were you having with it?

Did you install it by Right clicking on the Installer .exe and choose Run as Administrator?
If not, do so now and choose repair when prompted.

You don’t have to do that on the Mac if his profile is correct.

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Thank you for responding Box … working on a Mac.

Hi McGordon, yes, no problem in sharing a file. Please send email address to design@jens3d.com. The right arrow only works in conjunction with the shift key …

I meant to share it with everyone here, to get a better chance of someone helping you, not necessarily just me. If its under 3MB you can upload it to the forum. Above that, share a dropbox or similar link. Try and give a small file size example that shows the problem to make it easier to get help.

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

can you clarify what disappears from where…

are you loosing the name in Outliner or the geometry in the viewport…

  1. on a mac, it is possible to ‘loose’ the name from the ‘Outliner’, but still see the geometry in the model…

    it’s a random event that seems linked to the state of the item when you move to the next…

    when it happens, I always hit ⌘Z and it pops back up…

    I suspect the underlaying text field’s flips into a re-name mode that has been disabled by SU, leaving the field blank…

    if left blank, it later shows as a greyed out ‘placeholder’ which closing and reopening should clear…

  2. if your loosing geometry, something is triggering Hide or Erase…

    this could be an extension or some local keyboard event…

if you could make a gif of it happening, it may help diagnose…

LiceCap is the easiest on a mac…

this could also signal a local keyboard setting…

are you using SU en-US with an en keyboard?


I was just noticing two things yesterday:

  • If you hide a layer, a group on that layer disappears in the outliner (not just greyed out). Feature or bug? Has it always been that way? I’m not remembering that. I know I’ve been able to select hidden geometry in via the outliner before.

  • When I made a copy of a group with the move tool, the copy didn’t show in the outliner until I hit Cmd-S to save the file, and suddenly there is was.

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I think it has always been that way, possibly because hide applies to a single object at a time whereas a non-visible layer conceals an arbitrary collection of objects together. The semantics aren’t quite the same. Many people use non-visible layers to reduce clutter in the model and appreciate that the Outliner does the same.

I have no idea what’s up with your second observation…

True, at least since SketchUp version 8. unchecking a layer means temporarily removing (=making invisible) groups and components in the ‘Outliner’.

Not for me. Move/copying groups make them show up in the ‘Outliner’ instantly. This (for me at least) applies to SketchUp version 8 through SU2018 Pro. (Windows 10!)

There is absolutely something wrong, then. Are you on high Sierra?
I have had some issues with dragging components from the ‘in model’ collection, which did not appear in the outliner or were recognized as entities in the right-click context menu. Can not reproduce, though.

Thank you all for your comments and insights. I will share the file on Dropbox, but it is quite messed up now that I have exploded groups to find the gremlins. I use Layers sparingly, so all my entities at a given time are on Layer0.

I use a Mac with Sierra OS - am not venturing onto High Sierra until all those potential glitches with a SU and Mac upgrade are resolved.

Someone mentioned an issue with extensions … I did notice some anomalies when I loaded Dibac, and suspecting that this may be partly to blame, I have deleted the extension (in the Library too) and have been refunded. so now will reboot the Mac and see if things have improved.

I’m still on El Capitan for the moment. (Moving to a new machine with Sierra has been on the agenda for over 6 months now.)

The file I was working on yesterday, is in fact uploaded in a gallery post.

I was thinking maybe it was copy and paste in place that I was doing to duplicate an object. In either event, I’m not able to replicate it now with either method. I’m sure I saw it at least twice, but now I’m not seeing it.

Gotta lay off the eggnog :wink:

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Hi Eneroth, i have made ‘before’ and ‘after’ screen shots of the issue. It seems, if one hides some layers (I have not figured out what the criteria SU is using) in one Scene, other Scenes is also affected. Much like the way Styles and Scenes work together (or not). Here the screen grabs …

SU Pro 2018 Invisibile Group - South ElevationSU Pro 2018 South ElevationSU Pro 2018 North Elevation

To avoid this, set your scenes to save the “Visible Layers” property

And update each scene on which you change this (or any other) property!