Selected group or component names are difficult to read Outliner

When I select a component or a group, its name is shown in white on a light grey background which makes reading difficult.

Try with this SU file.

Group name difficult to read in Outliner.skp (96.8 KB)

We will not see the issue if our system color settings are different than yours.

For example, my system settings for selected text is white on a blue background …


Perhaps the problem related the SU version and operating system you are using. The attached example a little confusing because it is SU2017 file, which is suggesting that you have a problem on that SU2017 version, but your profile suggesting something different…?? :confused:

This time maybe screenshot could be more useful.

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guys, for once, we have a question from someone with a fully filled profile :slight_smile:
he is on mac.

but yeah. it’s probably your contrast colour :

this is mine, I use a dark interface with red contrast on my mac.
Capture d’écran 2023-06-02 à 23.55.18

this is if I now switch to graphite contrast and the window is not active (I select the group, then go back to designing)
Capture d’écran 2023-06-02 à 23.55.34

is that it ?
if so, you probably went too minimalist on this one :slight_smile:

Where is the setting for that? Thanks.

I get this with Su 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

I saved my file as 2017 to allow more people to open it.

See this screen capture.

This isn’t a sketchup issue, you must set it up from the configurations on your machine, I don’t remember right now how exactly to do this, but just navigate through the different configurations and you’ll figure it out, it’s not complicated at all.

the contrast colour is in the mac os pref panel. it changed with Ventura, but in the previous ones it was there too.
but never mind. I just realised that even in red, when I click out of the outliner panel I get the light gray thing.

my bad, it is a normal macos behaviour.
the non macos behaviour seems to be the fact that the text in outlined remains white instead of going back to black :

I switched to light mode in mac os, since SU follows the light rules, here you see me select a random file

Capture d’écran 2023-06-03 à 10.45.05
white on red. okay.

then I click away, you see the same light gray, but macos reverts to black text.
Capture d’écran 2023-06-03 à 10.45.09

On Jean’s screenshot, I can see the panel is indeed not the active window (the little dot top left to close it isn’t red, it’s grey, meaning it’s not the active window. simple as that)

I also checked the accessibility parameters, not it, even the high contrast mode won’t change it in SU, because in macos it’s supposed to be black on light grey, not white.
I’m wondering if it’s not just an artefact from an older macos, where instead of light grey it was a darker one, or a light blue, or…

anyway it’s worth a quality of life ticket, switching back to normal (black over light grey when panel is not the active one) would be nice. And yeah, it looks like it is a sketchup issue.

(ping to @colin who will know who to send this thread to I suppose)

I understand the problem. In macOS, the highlighting of something that is not in the foreground, uses a lighter highlight color, and keeps the text as black. When the panel is the selected one, then the highlight color is darker, and the text is white. Here for example is how the font panel looks, even when used in SketchUp.

Selected but still not the foreground window:

Selected and also the foreground window:

Outliner doesn’t follow those rules. The when in foreground does follow the rules:

But when in the background it makes the text be white instead of leaving it black:

I do know who to ask to look at this!


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