Outliner 2023 doesn't recognise keystrokes

Just switched to Sketchup 2023 and I’m frustrated with the Outliner. It’s not responding to keystrokes like it used to. Can’t delete items with the delete key or use shortcuts to cut, copy or paste, which was very useful for moving items between nested groups and components. It also means you can’t use shortcuts to change tools, from Select to Move, from instance, when selecting items in the Outliner. Anyone else facing this issue? Any solutions?

Yes, the same with me!

I use the outliner a lot and I am used to operate it by shortcuts. I just upgraded from SU 2021 to SU 2023.
This malfunctioning is very annoying.

The strange thing is:
If I leave SU 2021 open in the background my SU 2023 shortcuts are working, even handling the outliner!


It is getting worse, SU 2023 will not work properly even when SU 2021 is running in the background.

And now it overrides my (group)-names by the word: ‘gruppieren’ (the German verb for ‘making a group’) each time I want to group something.

By the way:
All unnamed groups in SU 2023 are called ‘gruppieren’ (verb) but should be called: “Gruppe”(noun) as in older SU - versions!

Talking about outliner:

Outliner 01:

Please bring back the line that was shown in SU 2029 when moving a group:

Outliner 02:
New feature (?)
Often I like to copy an element of a group or component in order to put it in another group/component without changing its place! I would like to do that in outliner!

I made a component and I want to store it, but I forgot an element that belongs to several groups/components at the same time and do not want to change its place.

Not able to copy, paste, etc. in Outliner as well. Clicking on multiple groups renames them the same too. I must dive into the model to get the item I am looking for. The outliner is simply a half-productive naming/navigation tool at this point.

The same to me. No solutions but to pick your geometries by pointing at them in 3D. Tedious clicking indeed!
I switched back to SU2022 after 30 minutes of trying out SU2023.1.340.