2023.1.340 - Outliner bugs


Here are two bugs that seem to appear in outliner in Sketchup 2023.1.340 (I haven’t tested previous versions, might have happened also in previous release).

  1. Outliner shift click bug (screenpal.com)

  2. Outliner item name change bug (screenpal.com)

2023.1 Outliner.skp (137.7 KB)

The first one I haven’t noticed, the second one has been present from the release of sketchup 2023 in march. Sometimes it changes the name of groups or components that were previously named to group or component, it’s annoying. I haven’t created a thread because there are other post that have already described the bug, hopefully with sketchup 2024 all this issues are fixed, a lot of the bugs are because sketchup on windows migrated to Qtframework and it’s the first version developed with it.

No issues with #1 here, maybe a win 11 thing. I am using Win 10.

Please do fix the name change bug as soon as possible!!!
It just ruined my work!
I’m becoming more and more unsure about using the outliner.

I like to choose a group or component in the outliner and then move/copy it in SU to another place.
So I would like to click the item in outliner and hit the ‘move (strg move)’ command to move it to an other place.

In SU 2021 I could select an item in outliner and hit the ‘M’ move tool to drag it around on the screen!
I can’t do that in SU 2023!
After selecting an outliner-element, I have to click the screen, to enable a new (‘move’) command, in this way deselecting the selected outliner-element again. That’s bad in nested constructions, because I have to select the element once again graphical on screen.

I really like the graphical approach to moving elements of the outliner now!

I still would like to see the ability to copy an element of the outliner from one group or component to another without having to do this graphically.

But please: “The eliminate the ‘name change bug’ first!”


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I have found a temporary workaround about this issue by collapsing/hiding/closing the “Entity Info” dialog in the Tray. It seems that the cause of the bug is that the Entity Info Dialog could not keep up or update fast enough from one instance name to the other.

Hope this helps!

I am finding a problem with my scene management. I will edit my view ports using Outliner and groups will randomly start re-appearing in different scenes!

Scene pages can remember hidden objects and restore their visibility state when you switch scenes.
If you want a scene to remember the current state of hidden objects, you need to update the scene.

dude…really should it turn the computer off and restart it too?

I’m pretty sure this is a glitch . I know how to set my scenes up.