Outliner not displaying group/components after applying and clearing a filter (V2017)

I’ve just come up with a strange one, and it’s got me stumped.

I find outliner to be a really helpful way of working with a model, but I seem to have broken it … :laughing:

I wanted to check a model to see if a component was loaded, so I typed the component name in the search box. The component wasn’t in the model, so I cleared the search from the filter, but when I did, all of the groups and components have disappeared from Outliner, and all i can see is a top level object, the model I’m working in.

So, simple question, how do I persuade Sketchup to show the groups and components in the Outliner … :slightly_smiling_face:!

SU - Outliner|690x281

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Make or Pro? Please complete your profile.

Hi Dave,

I’m using Su 2017 Pro, and here’s the file.

I’ve actually got two instances of SU running, and the outliner has collapsed and only showing the model name in both instances, which makes me thing it’s a setting that I’m not aware of, rather than a fault with the file … :slightly_smiling_face:

Z Axis - Twin Rail.skp (2.4 MB)

Try turning on all the layers.

When I opened your file (in SU2021) the Outliner populated just fine.

Wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff once in awhile.
Screenshot - 12_13_2020 , 7_41_29 PM

Does the Outliner populate with this file?

As i said, I suspect it’s a setting, rather than an issue with the file.

As per your suggestion, i’ve switched on all of the layers, and there is still no info in the Outliner!

Capture 2|690x405

Is the search box definitely empty?

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Got it in one there mate … time for me to crawl away and hide … :crazy_face:

There was a non printing character (space or similar) hiding in the search box, and that’s what was causing the issue.

Many thanks … :+1:

Good one @Box. I figured “cleared the search from the filter” meant it was entirely empty.

So did you see the problem in the file I uploaded?

If you mean me, no, I only looked at the original. And there was no error in that file, it was the only way I could find to replicate the problem

Sorry. No. I was addressing John with that part.

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Thanks for your assistance @DaveR, and I thought I had cleared the search box, but obviously not!

Fortunately @Box assumed that the original poster (me) had made a mistake somewhere. He was right!

Once again, many thanks to both of you … :+1:

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