New group does not show up in Outliner

Hexagon A June 5.skp (116.6 KB)
I’m having a brand new problem with SketchUp 2024. Intermittently, when I create a group or a component, that group or component will not show up in Outliner.

Why not?

Peter Enns

Could it be due to the fact you are making a group inside a group?
Screenshot - 6_5_2024 , 8_11_39 AM
This goes back to that same working in context issue you have demonstrated repeatedly. It’s a fundamental part of working in SketchUp. We repeatedly advise you to go through the tutorials at but you seem to ignore that advice.

A Beam Upper was the group that did not show up. That was not a group within a group.

A Beam upper is a group and it does show up inside the component called A Hexagon Face! And the group contains a group which contains another group. Expand the component and groups in Outliner.

This happens to me sometimes as well. There seems to be some sort of redraw/refresh issue in SU24. (same with dimensions in a scaled group that only get updated after a save / regroup).

What works for me is quick-saving the file (cntr-s) if an object doesn’t show up immediately in the Outliner. Somehow, that refreshes everything.