Copied components not showing up in outliner


I am having an issue with components and groups. For example; Step 1: I draw 4’x8’ rectangle, Step 2: I triple click and make it a component, Step 3: I triple click and using the move tool I hold ‘option’ and drag a new copy, I then notice in ‘Outliner’ that the component was created but the copy does not show up. I then decide that I want to make the 4’x8’ rectangle 3/4". I highlight the component and triple click one of the rectangles and I use the push/pull tool to pull the rectangle up. I also notice that only that rectangle is being effected, not both??
Please help.

Thank you in advance!


It sounds like you have created a second rectangle within the component rather than made a copy of the component.
Don’t triple click at step 3. Single click to select the component then move copy.


Thank you so much. That worked. One more question; if i have two rectangles and select them both and then make them a group, why do they both not show up in outliner? I only am seeing one group, instead of a group with two sub groups. Am I thinking about this the right way?


If the rectangles are grouped individually first and then grouped again they will show as nested groups.
But if they are just raw geometry when you group them then they are only one group.