My component doesn't appear in outliner box

Hi all,

I am newbie in SU. I am trying to make a component. I am selecting objects, R-click and make component with a name. But I can’t see the made component in outliner. I tried to make it again with the same name but it says that component already exist. So why I can’t see it in OUTLINER box?


How about uploading the SKP file so we can see exactly what you’ve got going on?

With so little information, this is only a guess. You aren’t selecting all of the entities that are attached to make the component. And when you make the component, you aren’t ticking the box Replace selection with component. Doing that creates the component which will be in the In Model components library but it won’t be in the model space so it won’t show in Outliner.

Tick the box first and the component will appear in the model space AND Outliner.

If this is the problem, check to make sure you are selecting everything you want to be included in the component. Generally you’ll find a better and easier workflow if you create a component of the entities before you draw other attached entities that aren’t supposed to be part of the component. Triple clicking on an entity will select all attached. It’s a quick way to make the selection for creating the component.


Thank you so much Dave. You were right. I hadn’t ticked the “replace selection with component”. Now I can see it in outliner.

thank you. it had made crazy :slight_smile: