Make Component don't show in the box when I right click

I’m just starting out learning SketchUp, and I ran into a problem right away.
When I right click my first object to make it a component, the choice “Make Component” does not show on the list…
Why is this so?


Try making it a group first, then right click on the group and “Make Component”

What is the object that you’re clicking on? If you are selecting more than a single edge, hit the G to Create Component. The Create Component window should open.

Making it a group before making it a component adds work and isn’t a great habit to get into.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to make it a group either :frowning_face:

Just a rectangle lifted to a box

Are you selecting all of the geometry before trying to make the component?

You must have some entities selected to make the component. Otherwise SketchUp doesn’t know what you want to include in the component.

Try this. Draw the box, hit the Spacebar to get the Select tool. Triple click on the box to select all of the faces and edges. Right click on the box to see Make Component. Or hit G to do the same thing.

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Hitting the G worked.
But still not right click.

See my edited response above. If you right click off of the selection, you won’t get the option to create the component.

I see that I had not selected all of the geometry.
Now I can right click.

Many thanks !!!


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Tribble click to select all conected figurens. The right click to get a menu, select make component. Works in SU Make 2017 for Windows.

I think there’s an echo in here. :slight_smile:

Sorry! I didn’t see your excellent replay! :worried:

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