Trouble with Making Components

For some reason on all my files in order to create a component I have to make a group first and then make it a component. If I try to make it a component first it just won’t do it. I’ve restarted sketch up and my computer and I need help.

What exactly happens when you select geometry, right click and chose Make Component?

It thinks for a few seconds and then just deselects the item. When I click on the item it is not a component.

The Make Component dialog should open when you right-click and choose make component, choose Edit->Make Component… or press the shortcut key for creating a component. Are you seeing that dialog at all, or does this happen before it even opens?

Is Replace selection with component checked on in the Create Component window?

when you installed SketchUp 2017 did you install it correctly using Run as administrator?

Thanks Dave. That fixed it

The state of the tick box is remembered based on the last time you set it. If at some point you turned that off, you would find the behavior you were seeing. You’d also discover the In Model components library would show the component actually exists.

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