Embarrassing Question from A Newish User

I have created a simple object and I want it to be a component.
I have selected the object, but I do not have Create Component in the context menu (right click) or in the edit menu.

Did you already make it a group?

Are you using SketchUp 2017 Pro as indicated in your profile? Please share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

Thank you so much Dave. While I was waiting for a reply from the kind people here I went back to my model to tinker away at some other things. When I returned to see if I could make a group first based on your advise, I discoverd that the Make Component option returned to my context menu.

I can’t even offer a solution as to why to help someone else. I must have been using SketchUp in some manner that I couldn’t work with a component creation function, and by leaving focus on that object to work on another, “reset” my work space.

All good now. (?)

Maybe it had to do with what you right clicked on. The Context menu is just that. The menu items depend on the context. Note that G is the default keyboard shortcut for Create Component. Don’t make a group before you make the component. If you are going to make a component anyway, just do it from the start. Making the group first is a waste of time.

Good advice. I had selected the object (all edges turned blue). I didn’t even have create component in the Edit menu … it was greyed out, so whatever I thought I had selected couldn’t be made into a componet.

It would be interesting to see the model file. Next time you run into a weird thing like this save the file and share it.