Can't make component or group


I am having trouble making a component. I have looked at the tutorials and through forums for a solution but none seem to work. sketch up simply will not make a component. I have the same problem on the free web app and the trial version i downloaded.

I select an object and right click and select create component. Place component origin. select create from the dialoge box. image|584x499. It greys out the object i am trying to make a component and a little cube appears on the origin. image. if i right click and select close component the object just remains as a series of lines and faces.

can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong.

Sounds like maybe you aren’t right clicking on the selected geometry. Try doing that. Or select the geometry and type g then give the component a name.


Thank you, feel kinda stupid now. :nerd_face:

No worries.

One thing to know is that you can create a component before you have any geometry to put in it. At the point you show in your screenshot, you could have started drawing and that new geometry would be inside the component. I haven’t found any need for that feature in my own work flow but I expect some users would find it helpful.

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