How to create a new component from scratch?

Have been used Sketchup Make for years (currently 2017, the latest) but still has no clue which one is the preferred way for creating a new component from scratch.

Say, I have already built a house and now I want to add some furniture. An acceptable way would be to draw a rectangle on a surface (floor), select watchfully the 4 edges and the face, make a new component and unglue it (if necessary). Then edit the component and build the rest of the component inside the just opened component.

This might be simple but far to be an elegant way. Moreover, even selecting the rectangle can be tricky in some cases.

If it was up to me I would let SketchUp create an empty component (opened by default after creating for convenience) I can place anything I want directly in. But Sketchup Make 2017 refuses any attempts to create an empty object. As I understand newest paid versions have something like this but I cannot afford hundreds of Euros for a software I cannot make money from, using just occasionally. So If you had a more adequate way for using it in SketchUp Make 2017 I would appreciate it!

Double click should select the face and edges.

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Thanks, nice point, I haven’t known it before. This makes the process much easier.

But component creation in this way still lacks elegance…

Double click, right click Make Component, what would be more elegant?

“Create Component From Scratch” and drawing directly inside. :smile:

ok, Upgrade to 2020 for that.

Does 2020 have something like this?

Yes, you can make a group or component before drawing anything.

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This does mean that my request is a legitimate one. :smile:
Thanks for your help, I should admit that double clicking makes the process much-musch simpler. Actually the rectangle selection was the one which really hurt me.

Thanks, I would mark it as solution as this is exactly what I want, but don’t plan to upgrade yet.

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…and triple-click selects all connected geometry. I use that (and double-click for a surface and it’s edges) very often.

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The learning Center is a site you may well find some more tips.

Another approach you could have taken is to draw only the first edge of the new object. That would be easy to select.