Component Will not Form



Hi There,

I have been unable to find this problem but it may be more common than I think.

When a select a series of surfaces and lines [in this instance a simple rectangle drawn using the rectangle tool] and choose to make component, the component is formed [or in so much as the next time i try it the component number is changed from eg #100 to #101] but all items selected remain as individual and no component can be found.

I am making do with making components unique for now however if there was a fix I would greatly appreciative.



Have you looked in the In Model section of the component browser, the little house icon, you’ll probably find them there.
It sound like you haven’t ticked the box on the component dialog to ‘Replace selection with component’. So the component is being created and stored in the model but you still retain the raw geometry that you used to create it. Fortunately nowadays the tick is remembered unlike the old days where you had to tick it each time.
So make a component and tick the box and it should stay that way until some time when you choose to change it.



I had a feeling it was something simple and it turns out I must have clicked it by mistake.



If you select separated geometry, the checkbox is checked by default.
If you select a part of connected geometry to create a component, the checkbox has to be checked manually.


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