After component creation still leaves object as individual sides

I must have changed a setting somewhere… :frowning: Or maybe I am imagining it.

I create a rectangle 12 x 12 x 3/4 (just an arbitrary size). After I push/pull to 3/4 I do a select all (CTRL-A) and to create a component (press G on the keyboard). The component window appears so I type in my name to create my component.

Here is where I thought this behavior has changed.

If I select anywhere on my rectangle it is as though the component was not created in that spot. I have to select all on the rectangle again and remove it and then drag the component from the components in the default tray.

This means every shape I make I have to do this select all and remove what’s there and then drag the component from the tray.

I thought when I do the above steps to create the component that the component is placed in my model.

Bottom of the Make component dialog has a check box, Replace selection with Component.
Tick this and it will remember your choice.

‘replace selection with component’ :slight_smile:
Thank you! You are a life saver. I must have been clicking on the box and didn’t realize it.

If that box wasn’t being ticked by default, it likely means that your selection for the component didn’t include all of the attached geometry. If you did have all of the attached geometry selected, that box would show as ticked on its own. As Box wrote, once you tick it your choice will be remembered and you’ll get components even if you miss selecting some of the geometry. Can be good but it means you’ll want to watch things more closely when you are creating components.

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