Help creating a component

I created an object, and tried t create a component. When I triple click it does not create a component

After triple clicking, right click and select the option ‘make component’

When I triple click on my object, then right click, I get a a truncated replica of the three blue, red and green reference lines.

You should see that while making the component. You should also get a window prompting you for a component name.

Alternatively you can triple click on the geometry with the Select tool to select all connected geometry and then press G to create the component.

Either way, give the component a name and press Enter. Or let SketchUp name it and just press Enter.

Got it. Thanks

Good. FWIW, I went ahead and made this showing the basic process.
There are more advanced things you can do when creating a component such as placing the axes to make inserting it into the model easier or giving it gluing properties so it can align with a face or even hole-cutting for things like windows and kitchen sinks.