Can you create a component after making copies?

Hello, I am still relatively new to SketchUp and still leaning some of the basics as I go along. I am aware of how to make a component and that you can make copies of one component and changes to that original model will be applied to others. However I was wondering if it was possible to make a model into a component after you have already made copies so that all new changes apply to all models?

It’s a little convoluted but you could do it. I gather you left them as loose geometry? Decide which is going to be the component you want to keep and make that component. Select each of the other lumps of geometry one at a time and make it a component. Select all of the components except the one you want to keep. In the Components panel find the one you want to keep, right click on it, and choose Replace Selected.

This starts after each of the components has been made. Remember to purge the unused components after you’ve replaced them.


The model was an imported 3D warehouse model that was grouped but your method still worked. Thank you so much for you help that has saved a me a lot of time. I really appreciate your help, have a lovely day :slight_smile:

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