Making Components

I drew up a design,I like it, so I want to make a parts list,but I didn’t save any of it as components. can I “click” on the items and make components or how do i go about this need? I’m a noob so this>this>this type answer can help.

The process for making a component is to select whatever geometry you want to include in the component, Right click>Make Component, or you can access the same command through the Edit menu. Is that what you’re asking?

You might check out this component/group skill builder if you haven’t already.

While you can select edges and faces in your model and create components, likely you’ll be missing some of the geometry required to make them complete components. It’s really better to make the components as you go. Depending on your model, it might be easier to redraw the project making components of the parts you’d make in the shop as you draw them.

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