Can I make two copied objects into components after I've placed them

Hi, I’m new to Sketchup and I’ve just found out I could use components to make a file lighter. I’m working on a project where I have a large number of objects copied from one object and already placed and it would be a lot of work to start over and place the objects again. My question is can I make the objects components after they have been placed? Thank you

Natively no… BUT

There is a great plugin called Component Replacer in the Extension Warehouse that will replace a selection of groups with component. All you need to do is…

… Make one of your groups a component
… Select all the remaining groups that need to be replaced
… Initiate the Component Replacer tool and sample the component.
—> All the selected groups should be replaced by multiple instances of the component. :smile:

I hope this helps



thanks man, this worked beautifully!

I’;m so happy about this, you’re awesome!

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oh no. I am just the “messenger”. @tt_su and all the ruby authors are AWESOME!!


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object to create a copy just press Ctrl keyboard …
may be useful