Move, drag and copy,

Does anybody know if there is a plugin that you can move drag and copy a group or a component. And just click the mouse at the points where you want the object to be.
Thank you Steve

If you use Edit>Copy and Edit>Paste, you can do that without a plugin. Just hit Ctrl+V and click. Repeat as often as you need.

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That’s not quite what i’m looking for. I want to make multiple copies of a group dropping them where I want them.
Thanks Steve

Something like this?


You can use a ruby oneliner :

RubyOnelinerCopy.skp (148.9 KB)

Thank you Box,
That’s what I’m looking for.

Well if that is the case go back and read @DaveR 's post as my animation is what he described.


To copy and drop an object, follow these steps:

  1. Select the object
  2. Type “M” - the keyboard shortcut for Move
  3. Select a point from which you want to move from.
  4. Type CTRL on a Windows or “Option” on a Mac to duplicate the object
  5. Place the copied object wherever you want

After placing the object where you would like it, you can multiply it to create multiple copies. So, let’s say you want five objects all spaced together by 10’. Select the first object, follow the steps above to place the copied object 10’ away from the first object, then type *4 and hit enter to create four copies of the original item (you will have five total copies all spaced by 10’ apart). You can also use the /4 to place the copied object away from the original object and have four copied objects placed equidistantly apart throughout that distance.

Does that help?


My apologies alyson, my comment was uncalled for.

Thanks for all your input. Moving and copying just fine now.
Thank you Steve

I understand what youu want to do, I use other design softwares and it seems they all have a tool to select a point in the object and then, where you click the object is copied, so you just click around where you want and it lets you use the snaping… now on sketchup I’m looking exactly what you want, because copy and paste doesn’t let you select what the snap point will be in the object and it looks like it pastes unacuratelly (as usually sketchup does, but now it matter because you need precission to paste) Im pasting a tree on a hill… and I just want to select the lower part of the thee, and then paste on the face of the hill where i click, but without the tool I need to copy, paste it, place it, then copy agarn and so… its extremelly slow.

Maybe this will help You

Best explanation I have found! Thx. Beth

I’m sure I’m just having a brain cloud, but in the latest version, when I use CTRL to switch from move to copy, the copy mode stays on after I place it. Does anyone know where to turn that off?

Yes. That’s the current way it works. Tap Ctrl again to turn it off.

You can also use that feature to place multiple copies by clicking where you want them. Cool feature for placing trees or other plants.

I thought upgrades were supposed to be an improvement. This isn’t, it’s a major pain in the ass.

It is a change in workflow but there are some advantages. Evidently enough people requested it that it got added. I guess that’s the problem when the developers implement things that users ask for.

There should be a setting in preferences to turn it off. This is severely slowing me down.