Copied objects don't paste consistent

FeeIing pretty confused over something I’d think so simple. I copied an object I made to make edits, but the pasted copies aren’t flat? I selected the faces individually and you can see where its not consistent. Am I doing something wrong when copying/pasting?

Hard to go wrong on that. But if you want to duplicate something in the same file, move/duplicate is faster. Move an object with the option key on the mac (is that “alt” in windows? I never remember) pressed down, then click to the move location and, for extra copies just type “X” followed by a number. “x2” will give you two copies plus the original.

You just copied faces? Maybe there are hidden lines you didn’t take into consideration? Are you copying on a surface. Hard to say why your result is not on a surface. If you use move/duplicate you can use the “on face” inference to be sure you don’t move it off the face.

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Worked like a charm, the copy came out exact when I tried your move. Duplicating objects through different methods yield different results. Sounds obvious when you say it out loud. Thanks!

OK, glad it worked!