Multiple copy problems

Hi everybody, I am trying to use the multiple copy command along a line and equally divide the line, but it is not working. any help please?

Move a copy so it’s at the far end of the line then let go of the mouse and type /n, where n is the number of copies.

If that doesn’t do what you need, please tell us more about what you are doing and how it fails.


Yes, I do like you said, unfortunately after i press Enter button, the result is just 1 copy overlapped on the origin object.
same problem if i try to use *n, sometimes it works, more often not

It sounds like you aren’t moving the first copy in the required direction first.


You are usinng the free web version as your profile indicates, right?

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Ok , I’ve got it. first i have to type the exact distance and after /n, Right?

my mistake was to assume that the software would understand the distance just by the movement and object snap and divide that amount /n times…

Thanks very much guys

If you want the first copy to be at a specific distance from the original, yes, youneed to type the distance.

It will understand the movement but you need to press enter after letting go of the mouse to tell SketchUp that’s the distance you want to move the copy. That’s not a precise way to work, though. If you don’t really care about the dimensions it’s fine but if dimensions are at all important you should be entering them.

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