Multiple copies in one hit!

Hi all,
Is there a SketchUp (Pro) shortcut to carry out the same command multiple times?
To be clearer, I’ve made a joist, as a group. I want to copy it across the floor, equally spaced. The floor is 6720mm wide, so doesn’t divide by the optimum 400mm joist spacing.
So I want to select the joist, and using the move and option key (i.e. Copy), and type in 6720/17.
That gives me one more joist.
Is there a command to do that 17 times in one go?!

(In Microstation I’d use the ‘pipe’ command (above the backslash on my keyboards) and type 6720/17|17

Thanks in advance

Do you really want to lay out the joists on a odd number? If I understand what you are doing, wanting 17 copies evenly spaced over a distance, I move/duplicate the component from the first location to the last location and type “/17” If you know the distance you can also just begin the move, type the distance, then type “/17”

So what you were doing should work you just have to push “return” between typing 6720 and typing /17, return. cool thing if you decide 19 would look better, you can immediately type /19 and change it ,

If I were making a framing plan somewhere in the vicinity of a carpenter I would only use the standard dimensions (in our case 12", 16" or 24" etc.) and leave one bay odd. In this second case you would move/duplicate, type the joist spacing and then “x17”

If you want the joists equally spaced, do as @pbacot says, but the joists should not be equally spaced or the chipboard flooring would be jointed in fresh air not on a joist. The first space would also not be at 400 centres, but 400 from the edge of the 1st joist to the centre of the 2nd one, then 400 centres from there and a small space to finish. To make multiple copies after the 2nd one, move a joist 400 with copy then type ‘*14’ to make 14 copies then put the last one at the end.

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Yes, get your point about joist spacing but leaving that aside for now…
What you’ve described (unless I’m misunderstanding) will copy my first joist 6720mm, then by typing ‘/17’, will give me one copy at about 395mm from the first.
Assuming that I do want them evenly spaced, I then have to duplicate that command another 16 times…
I’m looking for a command that will give me 17 copies in one go

Thanks McGordon, but I couldn’t get that to work.
typing M, option, mouse click,then dragging my joist gives one copy, typing *17 and hitting return brings a message on screen saying ‘Invalid length entered’

Press M, option, click point on joist, move mouse a bit in the correct direction, type 400, return, *14, return.

Clicking two points works too, but you’d be better typing in the move distance for precision.

The ‘/17’ command does place multiple copies at once. If you use ‘/10’ it divides the movement you made by 10, placing a component at each division. ‘*10’ places 10 copies, moving them the same amount as the movement you made each time.

Why have I never found that before?!?!

Thanks very much!


No. It should give you 17. The first command makes a duplicate as you say. /17 makes an array of 17 (including the one that is at 6720 mm). You will find example videos of this in the learning center.