Repetitive tasks (ie, Array Copy)

Beginner question…Draw one wall stud – need to replicate it at 400mm centres across a wall. Select one, copy (Ctrl Move), specify distance (400mm), enter. Do it all again ! Is there an easier way ?
Thanks very much

After typing the distance and hitting enter, type again the number of studs you want and x and hit enter. This will repeated the array.

Or x and the number or * and the number.


Or if you know the position of the first and last one…

great post and answers… thank you.

I’d like to know who this Ma Bangaben person is. Is that her standing next to the wall frame?


I am not sure dividing the space would be suitable in this case , as the 400mm spacing i presume is required for plaster board .

What a brilliant and very helpful community. Thank you all very much.

Hi Everyone,

Awesome, Just what I was looking for… however…just a slight variable to the question.

I know how far I want to go and I know how much space between each object along the length.
How do you go to the end, instead of saying “/x” or “*x” I want it to place an object as a set distance along the total length.
So I have a 10m length and want to place an object every 125mm along that length.
I dont know how may there are so cannot divide or multiply by.
If that makes sense.

you need a bit of maths:
You need both values with the same Unit of measurement
10m = 10000cm
125mm = 12,5cm

Now: 10000cm divided by 12,5cm gives 80 -> thats it.

Thanks for the rapid response.
Is there a way to just have sketchup calculate that?

Ok now the thing is also I need a 125mm gap between each object, not just the centre of each object at 125mm which only give me a 80mm gap.
I’m super new at all this so I may be overlooking a simple way to do it.

Then you need adjust the formula:

Total Length divided by ( Distance between your objects + Length of your object) = count of copies.
10.000mm / (12,5mm + xxx mm) = count of copies.

Why don’t you set a guideline out 10 m from the object and then make the array with the 125mm spacing and do a little testing to see what you get. If you don’t like the first number, you can change the number of copies until you get what you do want.

My cylinders in the example are 200mm in diameter so I moved the copies 325 mm.