Dividing a part into equal spaces

I am trying to design louvered shutters for my house. I have seen and read about arrays, but it seems that the user just always type /4 or whatever to place four objects in an array. But in my case I have a distance, say 31 inches and I have louvers that are 3/8" apart or about that depending on the spacing. How do I tell Sketchup to place louvers from point A to point B evenly? The louver will be a component as will the stiles ( which are taking the ends of the louvers). I hope I am being clear enough to get an answer. If not please let me know and I will tryo to clarify.


Copy one and type a distance, hit enter, then type 4x and hit enter and you will create 4 copies place at that distance from each other extending out from the original.
Copy one and type a distance and hit enter then type 4/ and hit enter and you will create 4 evenly spaced between the original and the distance you typed.

I’m on my phone or would animate it for you. The trick is understanding the bit where you say "whatever’!

Array works in both “/ nnn” and “x nnn”
Place the first component (slat), tap [ctrl] and place the next in correct direction.
To get it in the exact position type in the distance it should be (3/8") and hit [return].
Then type in “x 10” to get 10 copies, each one placed at that distance in the same direction.

Watch the measurement toolbar which is the same as the vcb in the corner.
See the difference between x and /.

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How can you do this without knowing how many you need? Maybe this is better. When you are modeling a wall and you want the studs on 18" centers, can you do that without knowing how many I need?

There are two possible cases: 1) the total extent and number are mandatory (which means the spacing must work out exactly). Copy one to the extent limit and use the divide array to get the required number in between. 2) the spacing is mandatory (in which case the number and extent can’t be forced - they either work out or they don’t). Copy one at the spacing, do multiply array with more than enough, then delete the extras.

if you type x4 and it’s not enough, you can immediately type x5 or x6, until it fits your target…

similar to Steve second response, but I’ll post anyway…

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Another approach … as a starting point, 31 inches divided by 3/8" is about 82.6667 or 83 louvers. One approach would be to create a 31" line and then right-click on it to divide it into 82 equal segments (or 83 points). Then you can use the distance of one segment to copy a second louver and create x82 more.

While these numbers may not be quite what you need, you should be able to use something similar.The divide function works on circles as well.

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Another tip: if you r-click on a line (must be an individual line), there is an option for “Divide”. This lets you move the mouse up and down the line where a popup will tell you the number of divisions and the distance.

Draw a line spanning the distance that the objects need to be arrayed and use this tool to get SU to tell you the number of copies you will need or the specific spacing to fill the gap. Delete the line afterwards.

If you want the gap between all the objects and the ‘edge’ of the space they fill to be the same, then you need the starting object to be within the edge of the opening - once the array is created, the starting (and ending) objects are deleted… makes more sense with a picture;

Hi. This is Sparkforce from the future. I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for noting this. It took me forever to find this and it has helped me so much!