Another line division question... how can I get equal divisions without breaking a line up?

I know how to divide a line into equal segments. But all I really need are “tape measure” guides or similar, so I know where to locate parts. I can’t place the items and use the array copy thing, because I don’t know the location of the first item; its location is derived from a dissimilar component. I don’t have a line I care to destroy, so is there a non-destructive method of determining equal spacing?

You could use array copy on guide lines. Create a guide line at the start, move with copy to the end then type ‘/10’.

You could make a temporary line in the same 3d space that’s in another context i.e. in a different group or component from the line you want to keep and divide that one. When you’re finished with it, delete that temporary group.

If you don’t know the location of the first item yet, I don’t see how you could set up any guides to place anything.


Thanks for the ideas. I do know the beginning and end of the segment. If you know chain link fencing, it’s like adding line posts between the stouter corner posts. But do I want 4 divisions? 5 divisions? I don’t know, I need to see it.

You could use Fredo6’s Divide Edges which is included in FredoTools and divide with guidepoints instead of actually dividing the edge.


So the guides or edges are not the endgoal, if you start the ‘divide-array’ (move + copy from one end to the other, then type 5/ and hit Enter) you can alter the divisions while still in this action (do not change the tool)
Type 4/,Enter
Type 6/,Enter
Decide and move on

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