Divide a line into equal parts

I am trying to do this. Its more of a simple learning sketchup project. I am simply handing some items on a wall, but I want them to be equal spacing apart. There are 4 items that need to be hung. I cannot get the red dots or anything indicating where the division is along the line. I draw the line> select the line> right click (im using a Mac)> select divide> type in 5…and nothing happens. What am I missing?

The red dots are only displayed while dividing. They don’t remain afterward. If you want to see the end points of the segments, edit the style and turn on Endpoints.

An alternative would be to divide the edge using guidepoints. Fredo6 has a Divide Edges extension that works well for this.

Just check out this link

hope this helps

thanks guys! that worked. Dave, I could not figure out how to edit the style and turn on the endpoints, but I did see that the line is divided into segments and I just drew perpendicular lines at the endpoints. Not the most expedient way, but I figured out A way. Oh, and my wife decided to only hang 3 items

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Go to the Styles panel, click on the house icon to make sure you are looking at the In Model style. Then click on Edit. Click on the wireframe cube icon to get to the Edge settings and tick the box.

It’s a good thing you were doing this in SketchUp. You won’t have to patch holes in the sheet rock. At least for now. :smiley:

You could distribute copies of the items across the wall using Move/Copy and skip the division thing altogether.