How to divide a space into equal parts on Sketchup for Ipad

I am using SketchUp on an Ipad and I do not have a keyboard. Does anyone know how to divide a space in equal parts without keyboard functionality?

SketchUp will inference the midpoint of any edge. Is there an edge in your model whose midpoint will be half the space? Sometimes you have to draw a line to find it and then erase it when you’re done.

There is also an option in the bottom menu when the line is selected to divide the line into as many segments as you like.

Edited for photos:: ((what RTCool says below is actually easier if you’re familiar with how the program works.))

I am actually designing an entertainment center and the shelves will be in three equal parts. Two dividers will need to be placed in between the edges so I can’t just cut it in half.

Ah, I know what you mean. For that I:

  1. Make one shelf, and place it in the would-be location for the bottom
  2. Move tool copy it to the would-be top by grabbing it by the bottom edge
  3. Tap into the dimension box and type 3/ for distribute three copies
  4. Delete the unnecessary top and bottom ones leaving just the two copies in the middle

Once you get it, it’s easier to do than describe.

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Just dividing a line doesn’t make an allowance for the thickness of the dividing thing itself (shelf in this case) unless you make an allowance at each end of the line for 1/2 the thickness of the material. What I describe ends up producing equal spaces without having to think or do math.

In the end, the spare shelves top and bottom are redundant with the box itself and you delete them. I’ve been doing this for equal lite patterns in windows for years.

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No no, I totally agree. I said so above. :grin:

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This is fantastic and it solved my problem. Thank you for everyone’s help!


Great! If you would, mark it as the solution then.