Dividing a line into equal segments


When I right-click on a line to divide it into segments, nothing happens. I don’t get a drop-down menu or anything. This feature was working fine a few days ago. Any suggestions?


Try this: Select the line, then go to Edit>Edge>Divide and type in the number of divisions you need.


Excellent! That did it. Thanks so much. :grinning:


It does work: the sequence Edit > Edge > presents the lower part of the context menu compared to when right clicking on the edge. But in both cases you should be able to see the red square marks that indicate how your edge is going to be divided. If not, why? What scale are you working in (edge length?). Or are you dealing with display issues that need to be corrected?


I have tried both suggestions (right mouse click after drawing the line, and “Edit…Edge…Divide”. I can move my mouse and see the red dots change in number, but when I click, or press enter, or try to type a number it, all red dots disappear. I have a MacBook and am using Sketchup 2017. Do you have a suggestion for resolving this?


There’s nothing to resolve. The red dots should disappear after dividing the edge with Divide. If you want to see the individual segments, turn on Endpoints in the style settings.

Make sure you aren’t clicking in the measurements box before typing the number of segments you are trying to create. As with anything else that involves the Measurements window, you just type when there is something to enter.


Wonderful! Thanks for your help!


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