Making a pen holder

Trying to make the three row pen holder. Hole size is 3/8". the length is 16" if my calculation is correct.

pen holder.skp (106.6 KB)

I started my design but can’t remember how to get even spacing similar to the three level holder. I figure there is a 3/8" gap between holes

I will also take anybody’s suggestions


Draw the first one and then use the Move/Copy function to create the rest. Copy the hole over the requiste distance, hit Enter and immediately type xn where n is the number of additional holes.

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Conversely, if you a working to a fixed length of wood and need the holes to be equidistant from each other, you draw the first one, copy it to the far end of the line then type /n followed by Enter. Again n = the number of copies. SU will then fill in all the intermediate holes between the first and last ones.

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Mike, it was great to talk with you on Sunday. How did you get on with the holders? Have you got all those holes drilled, yet?