Bookshelf shelf pin holes

What’s the best way to show the adjustable bookshelf holes. The type you find on module shelf that you use the pins to adjust the shelf. I do have the Kreg pin hole jig.


I would just make a linear array of circles drawn on the surface of the “board” and call it good. there’s little value in actually making holes and they’d just bloat the file size.

OK, thank you sounds good.

Trying to remember how to do multiple items (holes/circle) My jig is 1" of the facing and the holes are spaced 1 1/4" . What’s the best way to do this. I can go back and watch the video again on your bookshelf


move-copy one hole at 1 1/4 distance, then type (for example) 10x (enter) to make an array copy.

Do I need to do “*” for the multiplier

OK, I got it. I also used the * on the numeric keypad


You can use * or x and type either 10, 10, x10, or 10x.

I use * on my PC because it is on the number keypad and easy to hit with the number.

And I use x on my Mac because there is no numeric keypad.

It was sure nice of them to give us two options, wasn’t it? :smiley:

I use X on my Mac for the same reason. Well, unless I’m using my wireless keyboard.

Another option that I’ve used is just to array guide points instead of circles.

Try a plugin to create them, or use Tape Measure tool to create one or two then copy. This works well if you are viewing far enough away not to see shape of circles and just need a hint that the holes are there.

And unless you are doing a VERY close up view, you won’t need more than 6 or 8 segments in your circles if you use them instead of guide points.