Could someone advise on a better way to draw this please

I have drawn a set of shelves but it has been very time consuming and clumsy, would someone please demonstrate how they would achieve what I have drawn

tool-shelf.skp (28.6 KB)

You need to get your head around Components.
Each Shelf should be an instance of one component.
Here is a quick version showing how to make the two components and then an array.
I haven’t made anything to correct sizes, but working with accuracy doesn’t effect this method.


thanks heaps Box, it was very interesting to see how you drew that !
I cannot find the tool you use that is represented by the circle icon with a cross through it, the one you used to cut out the rebates


You can just hit the Delete key if you want.

May I suggest you re-watch the video I gave you the link to a while back? It shows what you need to know.

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For his demo videos Box uses a custom toolbar with that icon for delete.

I used Triple Click, Shift Double Click, to select the parts I wanted to delete. Then as as @slbaumgartner pointed out I used the Delete Icon that can be found on what is called the ‘Standard’ toolbar.

But watch here, first I click once and you select the face only, then double click gives you the face and edges, then triple click selects all connected.
So once all is selected you can then deselect the part you want to keep by holding Shift while you double click it. Then finally delete the parts that are still selected by one of several methods, the delete Icon, the delete key or right click and erase.

I’d also recommend re-watching any videos @DaveR has given you.

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Thanks Dave, will do

Thanks again, the toolbars here ( mac) don’t show the delete icon I can just use the delete key,
thanks for slowing down the explanation of how you erased those parts :slight_smile:

Hi @18000cc

I didn’t try MAC version, but I think the erase icon should appear on the standard toolbar (but the standard is not the same that getting started), you should be able to turn it on through the menu View > Toolbar > Standard.

The icon was included in the measurements toolbar, as other people has mentioned, what you see in @Box .gif belongs to a custom toolbar, you can take a look here.

I think you don’t need a icon to erase, you can use the delete key or right clic > erase, I guess @Box does it that way because he tries to show you what he does in every moment.


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Alas most of this doesn’t apply on Mac. There is no delete button on any standard toolbar nor one that can be placed on the window-top toolbar (which is the only customizable one on Mac). So, delete key it must be!

By the way, @box uses that custom toolbar for his videos because otherwise a viewer doesn’t know what you did when you press delete and something vanishes!


is there a copy of your video on YouTube ? I have the option to download it from there


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