Tools icon on Sketchup for MAC V.15.3.329

Hi everyone,

I am new here, Interior Designer. Have problem to draw shape and can’t find the complete tool icon as in Windows OS. Below is the screenshot for reference:

can’t find a tool to draw a shape in solid so I can errect it to the height level I want. Please anyone can help?
Thank you.

I don’t understand. What tool can’t you find? How did you draw what you show in the screenshot? Please be more specific with your problem.

I would customize your toolbar.

What are you trying to do? If you can be more specific, that would help.


Hi khristianoro, hi folks.

Use View Menu → Tool Palettes and then check all the one that you need.

Then, right click on the Tool Bar (TB) at the top of the Model Window to get the Tool Icons Panel (TIP) and drag any additional tool that you need on the TB. Click the Done button at the bottom right of the TIP to close it.

Just ideas.


I sense that English is not your first language, so please bear with us as we try to sort out exactly what you are asking. Can you be clearer about what you mean by “the complete tool icon”? Do you mean the collection of drawing tool icons, i.e. what in Windows is called a “Toolbar” and on Mac a “palette”? Your picture does not show any palettes open (though they could have been clipped off). To open a palette, choose View->Tool Palettes from the main menu and click the ones you want to see. “Large Tool Set” may be what you are looking for.

Hi Jean,

Thank you for your reply, I can find all the tools icon now.

Hi slbaumgartner,

Sorry for not clear english that I have. I am new in sketchup, and just want to draw the curve wall solid so I can erect it on 3D view, what tool should I choose? if the wall is rectangular I can use one of the icon easy, but come the curve wall, I got confuse. Also I am new in using MAC, so yes I used to call it toolbar, and the palette / toolbar in MAC and Windows seems slightly different (as I remember)… please advise if there is any tutorial that I can learn… thank you for your comments / advise.

Please be aware that SketchUp does not implement true curves. It always approximates curves with sequences of straight edges. You can make a curve look smoother by increasing the number of segments, but at some point this will just increase the size of your model without making any difference in how it looks.

Also be aware that SketchUp does not support true solids. It is a “skin” modeler in which “solids” have no interior content, just a surface.

That said, there are several ways you can draw curves in SketchUp.

One is to use the various versions of the arc tool.

These all produce approximations of circular arcs. You can produce many shapes by stringing together circular arc sections. The tools have helpful inferences to facilitate connecting arcs smoothly.

Another is to get one of the Bezier spline tool plugins (search the Extension Warehouse or the SketchUcation plugin store - there are several available). These allow you to create and edit more complex curves.

A third is to use the free-hand tool, though it can be difficult to produce a nice curve that way unless you have a very steady hand.

Thank you for your help.