Can't find the circle tool anywhere

Hi. I just upgraded to SketchUp Make and I cant seem to find the circle tool anywhere in the customize toolbar options. Am I going blind or what? Please have a look at my screenshot. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks -John

click on the little black triangle next to the Rectangle tool.

Rotated rectangle and polygon tool also should be stacked under there.

OMG. Thank you for the replies. I never thought to look at the square to find a circle. :wink: I also noticed that it is in the the large tool menu as well. Too bad Sketchup didn’t give it its own spot in the the horizontal menu bar, since everyone uses it so much. Thanks again!

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I sort of agree with you, I’ve never seen the point of the ‘Getting Started’ toolbar.
The default should be the large toolbar.


I definitely like the large toolset a lot more as well, but some newbie users can be intimidated by it’s seemingly complex appearance. Most users that I have talked to tend to be pretty tech savvy and eventually find their way to the large toolset on their own.

It can be hard to strike a balance between making SketchUp seem approachable to new users without overwhelming them while also showing off just how powerful SketchUp can be.

I’m sorry but that is a bad way to look at it.
So many people think they are the only tools.
Give them an alphabet and they will learn the language.

I can see where you are coming from @Box, and that sort of thing does work for a lot of people; I guess I just tend to be a bit more cautious than you in this sort of thing.

I used to work with special needs children as part of an after school program, so I am probably a bit overcautious on that sort of thing. I guess the caution I learned from that experience stayed with me a bit more than I thought.

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I give up…