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I am totally new to SketchUp and this is my first post.

I am trying to customizing the toolbar, but could not know how to do it! I googled it, and all the results I got shows something in the interface which dose not apply to mine! Here is a link which did not help:

In that link, I am told to navigate to: “View > Toolbars > Customize” but I do not see “Customize” in my version of SketchUp! (See screenshot 1 below)

I also do not see “Customize dialog box” or the “Toolbar Options drop-down menu (the down arrow at the end of each toolbar)” or the “Add or Remove Buttons > Customize”.

What is going on?

(See screenshot 2 below)

These help articles are for Layout,
you will need these…:

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Thanks for your reply … but my problem is different and the link you provided dose not help.

The article you linked to relates to LayOut. Not SketchUp. It would help if you look at the correct information.

Did you install SketchUp correctly? That is, did you right click on the installer file and choose Run as administrator? If you installed it any other way, it isn’t installed correctly.

When you click on View>Toolbars, you should get a window with a list of toolbars and tick boxes. Do you see that?
Screenshot - 10_23_2017 , 7_45_42 PM

As @MikeWayzovski pointed out, the link you provided isn’t for Sketchup, it is for the companion program Layout. Your screenshots show that you are talking about Sketchup.
The link Mike gave you is the correct one for Sketchup.

What is it you are trying to do?

In your first Screenshot did you click on ‘Toolbars…’ in the view menu? This will open the Toolbar dialog that allows you to customise the toolbars.

Sorry about the confusion … I am still very new to SketchUp and I did not pay attention that the link was talking about different software!

Yes, I installed SketchUp just as you said, and yes, I have the same screen on my SketchUp just like the screenshot you provided. But I still do not understand how to customize the toolbars? I am just able to enable or disable them … is that all it can be done on SketchUp?

You can click on the New button and make your own custom toolbars for native tools or while that window is open, you can pull tools off of toolbars or move tools from one toolbar to another.

Before worrying about making custom toolbars, though, you should probably invest your time in learning how to use SketchUp.

Thanks DaveR … that helped.

However, I noticed that my options of the toolbars are much less than yours … is that normal? please see screenshot below

I created new toolbar, but could not find a way to fill it with buttons except when the “Toolbars” windows is open, by dragging buttons to it from other toolbars … is this the correct way?

By the way, since the last 3 days, I have been watching a lot of video training programs to learn using SketchUp and am already comfortable with the interface and with the way how SketchUp work … very easy indeed.

Yes. It’s normal. The additional toolbars you see in my list are from extensions.

Yes. Why would you think it isn’t?

Three days of watching videos is one thing. You have to use it to get good at it.

Many thanks for the super fast replies … I highly appreciate it.

Because it sounds to me like a workaround method, not a standard way of customizing when comparing to other applications. I guess I can get used to that.

By the way, do you know where I can find full details of the difference between the Pro and Make version?

The main differences are Pro includes the Solid Tools set and has a bunch of import and export file options that Make doesn’t include. Pro also comes with LayOut and Style Builder. Note that Make is only for personal non-commercial hobby use. If you are using SketchUp for anything else, you must get a Pro license.

Thanks a lot … I am using SketchUp as a hobby …

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