Customizing toolbar issue 2014 Pro (Microsoft Windows)


I am trying to customize my toolbars and when following the instructions from the Knowledge Center which says; (Select the View > Toolbars > Customize menu item. The Customize dialog box appears). I go to View > Toolbars, but no customize menu option, I do get a dialog box, but the one I am supposed to have has a “Command” tab which the one I get does not. the videos on u-tube are done by mac users so I am not sure where else to turn.
Appreciate any help


Hello Henry,

Unfortunately you’ve come upon an unlabeled help article whose instructions are for LayOut.
Thus far, I’m not able to locate documentation for SketchUp’s toolbar customization features.

Let’s ask for a little help from the SketchUp Team on this documentation issue.
@Jody or @Tommy Can you point Henry and I to what we need here?
(And label the LayOut page, please.)



Heya @henry_lynch54,

I apologize for the confusion. Behind the scenes, the Knowledge Center is undergoing an extensive re-write which will hopefully clarify these product differentiation issues ( eg. SketchUp vs LayOut ). For SketchUp, we have a highly detailed and exhaustive article </pun intended> right here:

Click View > Toolbars… in the Windows version of SketchUp to see more Toolbars to activate. On Mac, it’s View > Tool Palettes


Um, @Tommy, is that the right link?



Darn. I put “pun intended” tags around that comment. Apparently, they were omitted from the post.



That article wins the :trophy: for most incomplete.

Well, @henry_lynch54, it appears we all must wait a while longer for complete instructions.



I think the article in question is this one:

It has a LayOut tag, but yes it might help to also have it in the title.


Thanks Jody.

The same holds true for this one:



@Geo thanks for staying with this, So it looks like I haven’t missed anything, it just haven’t been figured out yet. guess I will have to wait


Where the %$#@ is the “Command” tab? According to the instructions for customizing tool bars, that’s a very essential part of the process, but the instructions don’t tell where it is.


“Command” tab does not appear in the Windows version of Sketch up Pro 2015. Consequently you cannot customize the toolbar, i.e make up you own tool bars, not just open and close pre prepared tool bars. If I am wrong perhaps the Sketch up Team will put me right. Seems like the Mac users get it but not the windows users. Got to say the missing software is very poor for a pro version.


Eureka! I found out how to do it (make a customized Toolbar, that is):

  1. Open the help link but disregard all instructions past #1 “Select the View > Toolbars > Customize menu item. The Customize dialog box appears.” (there is NO “Command Line”).

  2. Click on the “New” button to create a new Toolbar and name it.

  3. Open the toolbar(s) which contain the command icons which you want to include in the new toolbar.

  4. Double click on an icon and, holding down the CTRL key, copy it to the new toolbar. Repeat this process for each command icon you wish to include in the new toolbar.

Simple, really. I’m surprised Trimble is unable to explain how to do this.


Domrayner you are a star! I had got as far as making the new toolbar but had not worked out how to move the icons. Thanks this will make my life easier. Perhaps the Sketchup team could include this in their extensive rewrite, and bung you a credit.


Still an issue with Pro 2016, and all support articles are still incorrect and contain no reference to the proper way to do this. Alternatively to double clicking an icon, just drag and drop from a toolbar that contains the commands you want to your new toolbar and after you’re done, reset the original toolbar to restore the command icons.


Ctrl drag and drop moves a copy to the new toolbar so you don’t have to reset.